Friday, August 10, 2012

Flow of the Universe

Feet felt good today--tried box squats

Last night after work the craziest thing happened to my friend and me. We met this guy who said we were supposed to meet him and that everything happens for a reason. During the conversation, the run-as-fast-as-you-can feeling never occurred. His positive outlook on life was infectious. It wasn’t anything ultra-religious or spiritual. He simply used the term “flow of the universe.”

Now you’re probably thinking about where I am going with this. This guy literally changed my thought process on life as I know it. I never heard of the phrase before so obviously my friend and I had to research. Here is what a website says about the flow of the universe. It is three paragraphs so just read it!

Assuming you read it, here is my theory on this. Many people live their lives struggling against this current because they want their lives to go a certain way. (I'm guilty of thinking my life would be something completely different at 24 than it is.) Everyone has access to the flow and we need to learn how to get support from it.

Here is an example that applies to my new fitness journey. So everyone has done a sit-up, crunch, fad diet, supplement hocus pocus. Am I right? (Of course, silly.) Doing so, we are working with the ebb and flow of our lives to better ourselves in health, fitness, and general well-being.

Now, why have we stopped doing any of the above?

Peer pressure: Do you have a friend that is pressuring you to quit your diet because you aren’t the “fun friend” anymore? Do they want to sabotage your commitment to self-betterment because your lives are now not so similar? Instead of succumbing to the pressure, surround yourself with people who strive for the same goals and demand a positive outlook on life.

No results: It didn’t take a day to gain the weight…and you know the rest.

Family and work commitments: You have to put your health first to take care of the rest. Why do you think you put the air mask on yourself on airplanes before helping someone else? What use are you to your family and career when you’re running on empty?

These are just a few examples of many things that work against the flow of the universe. In this entry today, I challenge you to realize your own goals and try your best to accomplish them. It only takes meeting one person or taking in a single moment to change.

Isn't this motivating?
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