Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Nike vs. Heels

Don’t be afraid to go your own way.

At this stage in my life I would much rather have leaves, twigs, and rocks stuck in my Nike’s than toilet paper stuck on my heels at a bar. I know I have said it time and time again, but you really put things into perspective when you just sit day in and day out. I would get bored and stop running before my endurance let up. I just logged a 6.5 mile hike/walk yesterday so I’m well on my way. Granted, those miles were 18:25 pace. But that’s okay…there is an extra ounce of success for me.

Coolest foot ever. & lucky me- my left foot is the same.
Everyone has their own definition of success. The only part of success that should be the same across the books is the longevity of it all. “I will deem myself successful when A, B, and C happens.” No…negative…non…nein. There are a few versions of “no” for you. Success should always be a journey with pit stops, or milestones if you will, along the way.

Take retirement for example. I have heard and read many theories on people dying or being depressed after retiring from their careers. Retirement to most people think an end to an era- that once you retire, life has already been lived. Well, where were you the past 5-6 decades? Retiring from your job should simply mean to open up more doors. If more people took on that mindset, there would be fewer cases of death and depression after retiring.
Back to the Nike vs. heels…I must resort to Cosmopolitan. Girls-you choose between the following:

Where the Guys Are These Days

Guy number 1:
Loitering Near the Finish Line: “I’m no runner, but I became a lot more interested in watching my sister race after I realized marathons and 5Ks are full of hot women who get hopped up on the runner’s high. I once got to spray racers with water as they sprinted past—wet tee shirts!—and ended up hosing down my future wife.”

Oh, well...in THAT case...

Guy number 2: Beware of This Trick: “Some guys revealed shady tactics—like staking out bars at closing time to pick up tipsy chicks. Always stick with friends after you’ve had a few.”

So in other words—put on Nike’s and find your hubby or have that toilet paper attached to your heel and be a target. ::Drama added:: But seriously, be active and smart. There’s my Spice Girls girl power for the day.

Some tips for the day, in the spirit of working tonight in the restaurant:

-Avoid the salt shaker in restaurants all together. With the maximum sodium intake at 2300 mg a day (give or take) the dishes already have a good portion of that…trust me.

-Don’t be afraid to ask for less oil in dishes or just dry vegetables all together.

-Always get dressings and gravy on the side.

-Recognize portion sizes and control it. (ask for a box right away to prevent temptation if the portions are huge)

-Just because it is “free refills” doesn’t mean you should have more than one. Get water after the 1st

You sure you want that Coke?

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